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Five reasons CISOs need to care about fibre security

August 17, 2017    by Ciena

With all the talk about the cloud, virtual networks, and ransom ware these days, it's easy to forget there's a physical network underneath all these digital services that needs security too.

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How To Choose A Security System For Your Home Or Business

July 13, 2017    by Jade Communications Staff

A good security system in a home or business can be a mean the difference between security and calamity.

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Surveillance Systems For Business

June 23, 2017    by Samatha Gluck

Businesses use different types of surveillance to protect their employees, assets and property from criminal elements and other malicious security breaches.

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Five Reasons Your Office Needs Sound Masking

May 18, 2017    by David Sholkovitz

Your private office got bull-dozed. In the course of my day I hear from facility managers and executives that private offices are being replaced with open office space to boost collaboration.

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Stop Noise from Ruining Your Open Office

April 04, 2017    by Harvard Business School Publishing.

A beautifully designed office can be a useful factor in recruiting and retaining talent. Today’s brand-new workplaces may contain officeless offices, cubeless cubelands, and collaborative spaces only surrounded by glass walls. These workspaces certainly look unique and make a strong statement about company culture, especially to prospective employees walking through the door for an interview.

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How to Choose a Video Surveillance System for Your Business

March 07, 2017    by business news daily.

Security is imperative for any business; after all, how can you be profitable if you can't protect your assets? Luckily, video surveillance systems are more intelligent and effective than ever.

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LED lights could get better with self-assembling particles

February 20, 2017    by Jade Communications Staff

LEDs are finally going to be able to live a little and lighten up on production cost thanks to the self assembling particles,perovskites.

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Distributed antenna systems: A cell tower inside your building

January 19, 2017    by Jade Communications Staff

Poor wifi signal and dropped calls are frustrating, especially if you're pressed for time or in the middle of some important work. Distributed Antennae Systems can solve that. Read on to see how.

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The What, Where, Why & How of Sound Masking

December 15, 2016    by Brenda Brown

Sound masking is the addition of a familiar sounding, air conditioning-like background sound to an environment.

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Should I Use Surveillance in My Business?

November 14, 2016    by Staff

It’s a controversial topic these days with privacy issues always looming. But using surveillance in your business may sometimes be a necessity. Dangers to your business and your employees range from the financial to the physical. Should you have surveillance in your business? Here are some things to consider.

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Why You Might Need Sound Masking

October 10, 2016    by Emily

Noise is a common office complaint. Facilities that require sound treatment frequently look to sound masking systems that have been designed to emit low-level, structured white noise through in-ceiling speakers via direct-field technology. The benefits of systems are that they can be zoned to treat specific problem areas and that these zones are invisible. No awkward walls are added, carpeting or absorbent paneling is not necessary- in fact, facility managers can install the systems themselves in a matter of hours for immediate, effective sound coverage!

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The Benefits of Adding Video Surveillance

September 06, 2016    by Staff

It may be time for your business to get some extra security. One option would be to hire security guards to patrol the doors and parking lot, but that means paying someone a substantial hourly wage to stay awake at night and watch your assets, and that may not be in the budget.

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Fiber Optics: Get Familiar With the Fundamentals

August 29, 2016    by Staff

Fiber optics technology is the advance signaling sensation used for communication and framing the object for illumination. Getting into depth of its basic helps you not only to know it better but also to use it better.

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The Impact of Wireless Communication in the Workplace

July 05, 2016    by Milton Kazmeyer

Mobile cellular has been the most rapidly adopted technology in history, according to ITU World Telecommunications. The U.S. has the largest mobile data market and more mobile internet users than any other nation. Read on to learn of wireless communications that have impacted the workplace.

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The 7 Best Features in Surveillance Systems for Apartment Buildings

June 06, 2016    by Staff

Out in the marketplace to purchase a surveillance method for rental constructions? Questioning which model will be the exceptional to your rental?

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15 Benefits of LED Lighting

May 03, 2016    by Staff

Every business is (or should be) looking for more efficient energy solutions. What’s the easiest way to quickly reduce your energy use? Simply switching from filament to LED lighting.

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Fiber Optics Cabling for Secure Data Transfers

April 05, 2016    by Staff

The ability to transfer data quickly is one of the objectives of fiber optics cabling. One of the latest discoveries suggested that the use of glass-less fiber transmission can enhance speed. Data transmission is significant to any organization. Although fiber optic cabling has been a traditional method used in transmitting data, research demonstrated how glass-less fiber optics address some of the limitations of fiber optic cabling.

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Five Reasons Your Office Needs Sound Masking

March 08, 2016    by Cambridge Sound Management,

Your private office got bull-dozed. In the course of my day I hear from facility managers and executives that private offices are being replaced with open office space to boost collaboration. Well, that’s great, unless you actually wanted to have a private conversation with vendors, a team member, or your spouse. Today it’s a reality that many employees, regardless of seniority, will often not have a truly private office to call home.

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Benefits of Security Systems for Businesses

February 02, 2016    by Tarkenton Institute

Small businesses are started on almost every corner, as well as in small rental areas in malls, on a daily basis. All business owners want to make sure that their investments are protected against losses from the public and their own employees. Security systems, security cameras, and burglar alarms are one of the first things that business owners invest in while starting up a business.

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The 5 Huge Advantages of Structured Cabling That Make Your Life Better

January 05, 2016    by Staff

By nature, a structured cabling system is more neat and organized than the traditional point-to-point cabling systems. A structured cabling system does take planning, but after you have it set, you can rest easy.

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Happy Holidays!

December 14, 2015    by Staff

The end of the year brings no greater joy than the opportunity to express to you - our family, friends and valued customers, season's greetings and good wishes.

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Creating the Ideal Work Space: Sound Masking Systems

December 14, 2015    by Staff

Although the office of today is geared towards cost saving, an open workspace creates the unique problem of distractions from excessive noise. Numerous studies convincingly demonstrate that noise is the number one contributor to lack of productivity in the workplace. It is difficult, if not impossible, to pay attention to details while distracting noises are prevalent.

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Where Can You Legally Install Security Cameras on Private Property?

October 05, 2015    by Beth Lytle, eHow Contributor

When it comes to security cameras, it can be difficult to know exactly what is legal and what isn't. On one hand, a security camera is popular tool to use against crime, but many people question not only the legality of using one, but also whether it is morally correct to use them.

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What is Fibre Optic?

September 01, 2015    by Commander

With so much talk about the National Broadband Network (NBN) and fibre optic cabling, fibre optic may be a term that is familiar to you. But do you know what it means? Find out more about this...

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Underfloor Cable Systems

August 03, 2015    by EEE Sparks

It should be understood that the generic term ‘underfloor’ applies to products designed for such use but which may well be used in other environments where the protection is appropriate.

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How to Terminate Data Cabling

July 10, 2015    by Brent Watkins, eHow Contributor

The ability to terminate CAT-5, CAT-5e and the newer CAT-6 data cables can save money by using inexpensive bulk data cable to wire a home or business. Learn more on this.

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How to Pick an Outdoor Security Camera

July 06, 2015    by J. Johnson, eHow Contributor

No matter where you live, there is always the possibility of a break-in or home robbery. To help give you peace of mind about your safety, as well as the safety of your family and possessions, try installing an outdoor security camera.

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What Is Voice Cabling?

June 01, 2015    by Anton Busch, eHow Contributor

Voice cabling is the wiring of a building which enables basic telecommunications systems including land-based phone lines, modems, or analog lines. These copper or fiber cables carry data across long distances and are increasingly designed to transmit greater amounts of data at higher speeds.

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A Brief Introduction To Fiber Optics Technology

May 04, 2015    by Nirmit

Understanding how fiber optics are made and function for uses in everyday life is an intriguing work of art combined with science. Read on to learn more about Fiber Optic Technology...

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How Does an Audio-Video Distribution System Work?

April 06, 2015    by Jared Paventi, eHow Contributor

Audio-video distribution systems work very much like a computer router. They receive a signal and distribute it to different locations in your home. Learn more on how this works...

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How Security Cameras Work

March 02, 2015    by John Fuller

Do you ever feel a slight pang of anxiety when you leave your house? If you want to be able to actually see what happens while you're away, security cameras may calm your nerves.

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Be our Valentine!

February 01, 2015    by Jade Communications Staff

Relationships are not just for lovers...we love our clients and they love us too.

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Happy Holidays!

January 04, 2015    by Jade Communications Staff

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advanced state-of-the-art in telecommunications media.

May 12, 2014    by jassds

Jade Communications Inc., established in 1987 is headquartered in Boca Raton with a satellite office in Jupiter, Florida. Jade is a structured cabling systems integrator providing complete design engineering and installation of voice/data networks, video distribution systems, wireless communications, CCTV and access control. Our goal is to exceed our customer's expectations with the best quality and service possible. sdsd

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Wireless communications, CCTV and access control.

May 12, 2014    by Staff

Wireless communications, CCTV and access control. Our goal is to exceed our customer's expectations with the best quality and service possible.

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