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Cell Signal Boosting (DAS)

Cell Signal Boosting 


At Jade Communications Inc., we understand the frustration that comes from a dropped call or a slow download/upload, especially when you are in your office, where you expect the tools and resources to be available to you to ensure you are productive.Cell signal technology is generally good outside, but once you add steel, concrete, and other blocking materials getting a cell signal indoors can be a tough task.


The way to deal with this issue is to install an indoor Distributed Antenna System (DAS). Essentially, it boosts the cell signals within your indoor office environment on a commercial scale and ensures that productivity and service can remain at high levels within organizations.


Many firms deal with this issue in their offices and buildings, and often rely on residential-oriented solutions that simply don’t get the job done.  If your office needs a cell signal boost contact us today at (561) 997-8552 to find out how cost-effective, simple, and easy it is to remedy that situation with a distributed antenna system.