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It’s the era of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Valerie Maguire | 05/03/2021

Mumbai: Siemon India, an arm of The Siemon Company, a US headquartered leading global network infrastructure specialist has conducted seminars in Bangalore and New Delhi recently to throw light on latest updates In ICT Industry in the world. Ms. Valerie Maguire – Global sales engineer at Siemon, USA attended as the key spokesperson for the seminars. She has delivered her valuable inputs on advancement in Copper, Fiber, and Wireless Applications Technology and considerations for PoE Lighting: Cabling Infrastructure Design for Intelligent building/Smart cities.


Seminars on intelligent building and connected lighting solutions drew its focus on revolution going on inside the walls and ceilings of modern buildings. It’s the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart buildings where more devices than ever converge onto a common IT infrastructure, allowing low-voltage building systems like voice, data, security, AV, lighting and HVAC to communicate with each other via Internet Protocol (IP) to provide significant cost savings and sustainability over the life of the facility, while improving overall user experience, wellbeing and productivity.


Siemon along with its complementary manufactures for Digital building ecosystem, solves the need for Converged IT infrastructure, where in different devices for building automation can be brought under single IP system. The event was attended by end users, consultants, architects, system integrators etc. who appreciated the lead role Siemon is playing in bringing the latest technologies to Indian subcontinent market. This seminar also gave an insight to the attendees for planning and deployment of PoE lighting over structured cabling in enterprise environment. It was emphasized that with increase in number of PoE devices, a dedicated zone cabling system is the need of the hour to support building automation and IP devices in the ceiling space. This seminar also provided valuable zone cabling design and media selection criteria for support of PoE lighting deployments which can assist IT managers, cabling system designers and building managers if they wish to take the advantage of cost savings, safe operation and health benefits from this emerging technology!


Speaking on this occasion Mr. Prem Rodrigues, Director for Sales & Marketing (India, Middle east & SAARC) for Siemon told that “This event was very well received by the audience on the concept of PoE lighting, zone cabling, Emerging 6th generation 802.11ax Wireless technology, structured cabling in enterprise environments etc., as they could clearly understand that a converged system with PoE will give sustainability, space utilization and occupant satisfaction in any smart building”. In display was Siemon’s V800 series cabinets and important product samples like Z-PLUG®, Z-MAX®, TERA®, MapIT, Plug & Play, High speed interconnect, LC Blade patch etc. have been kept on display for audiences to see.


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