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Meet Serge Leblanc, President of Jade Communications

Jade Communications Staff | 12/19/2018

Serge came to Florida in 1981 after graduating from high school in Montreal, Canada. He worked as an electrician for some time. You can say, his love for electronics and wiring coupled with the experience he gained working as an electrician, guided his eventual entrepreneurial drive. He founded Jade Communications in 1987 and since then his firm has diligently served  clients throughout Florida and over the years has risen to being recognized as a leader in the structured cabling and building technology infrastructure industry. 


As President, Serge's roles and responsibility play a significant part in growing the business every day in every way imaginable. When it comes to estimating, proposals, running the field and even ensuring employees and clients are happy, Serge is on top of things! He, unlike many of his competitors in his role, loves to be involved in the day to day running of a business. He instills in each employee the concept that they should “be happy everyday...if you're happy, it should happen automatically”.  It’s a principle he has always applied to his life and work environment and everywhere he goes.  He and his team takes this drive and love along with them as they ensure their clients receive the best service on offer in Florida.   Serge understands that with continuous advancements in technology, having a building without state-of-the-art infrastructure, equipment and systems set up and running really makes no sense. Cabling, lighting and internet services are pretty much the brain and heart of the building much like Serge Leblanc, President of Jade Communications is to his company. 


Experience and knowledge comes in many different forms. Serge has had many mentors who have helped shaped his experiences and life. One person in particular is the late Herb Furry. Herb has been one of the persons who helped Serge grow his business and taught him a lot about how to run a business, lifelong lessons he is forever grateful for.  Smart, friendly and understanding are just a few words that describe Serge. He spends his time working, like most Presidents do but he understands that balance and family life are just as important. He likes to travel and whenever he gets the time, he takes trips to his lake house in Tennessee. Here, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. 


Serge is known for having a hearty laugh, one that is enough to light up your day. I'm sure that's no surprise since after all he lives by the “be happy everyday” credo. So the next time you're at Jade Communications, be sure to share a friendly hello and we’ll be sure you leave happy!

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