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Sending 1.84 Petabits Of Data Per Second Via A Fiber-optic Cable Over A Distance Of 7.9 Km

Who Can Bend Light For Cheaper Internet?



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Copper Cabling: What's The Difference?

Warren & Brown Technologies | 03/01/2022

Data communication history is closely linked to the developments in cabling and the connecting hardware. High-performance data networks cannot perform well without appropriate cables and connectors. Due to the evolution of technology and increasing demand for higher networking speeds, cable and components have been developed that can transmit faster speeds over longer distances. Learn More

4 Reasons Why Structured Cabling Is The Future For IT And Telecom

Shambhu Nath Jha | 02/01/2022

Despite the rise of wireless technology, structured cabling systems are expected to witness high demand as the connective tissue that brings modern networks to future, not only fast but securely. Learn More

Single-pair Ethernet: The Infrastructure For IIoT

Matthias Fritsche, Jonas Diekmann & Rainer Schmidt | 01/04/2022

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the networking of virtual and real physical objects to make them work together using information and communication technologies. Objects in our daily lives acquire digital skills. Thus, these physical objects can also participate in digital networks. This process also takes place in industrial applications, where it is called the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Learn More

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