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What Is Fiber-optic Internet?

Eric Mayer | 08/03/2021

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Midco officially announced its move to an all-fiber optic internet network. But what is fiber-optic internet? It is a method of broadband just like a cable modem, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), wireless or satellite. The difference with fiber is it transmits data at speeds far exceeding all other methods, according to the Federal Communications Commission. Learn More

5G Vs. Wi-Fi 6: The Friendly Rivalry That Will Benefit Business

Keara Dowd | 07/01/2021

The latest generations of wireless networking are poised to have a profound impact on businesses across sectors. Learn More

Underground Cable Design Principles To Strengthen Critical Electrical Grids

Dr. Yuhsin Hawig,Vice President, Applications Engineering, Southwire Company | 06/01/2021

The grid can be hardened, and premature cable failures can be delayed or avoided by upgrading underground cable designs or introducing optional cable components. Learn More

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