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The Best Home Security Systems

Scott Kramer | 02/11/2020

There really is no price for peace of mind. But thankfully, these days, home security systems have come down in cost and are easy to install yourself. While you can still go through a professional service that installs detailed systems around your home and then monitors it 24/7, you can also go the route of buying a system that typically consists of a hub and various security cameras and motion detectors that you can set up around your home. Learn More

New LiFi Systems Turn Light Into A High-Speed Wireless Network

Marco Chiappetta | 01/24/2020

Signify (formerly known as Philips Lighting), just announced a new family of LiFi systems, dubbed Trulifi, which leverages existing (or future) lighting systems to create a high-speed, secure wireless network. Learn More

Manage Systems, Not People, And Everyone Wins

Nathan Hasse | 12/06/2019

"Without oxen, a stable stays clean, but you need a strong ox for a large harvest." Evidently, you weren't the first person to be frustrated by managing employees. King Solomon, who is credited as the writer of Proverbs and is known for his wealth and wisdom, sums it up reasonably well in this passage from Proverbs 14:4. Your business is far less messy without employees, but also far less profitable. The struggle is real. Learn More

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