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Fiber Optic Technology Powers The Internet, And It’s A Big Business

Magdalena Petrova | 08/02/2023

Fiber-based networks make up the majority of the internet’s backbone. Fiber-optic subsea cables spanning thousands of miles connect continents together, exchanging data at nearly the speed of light. Meanwhile, the massive data centers that host all of our cloud-based applications also rely on fiber connections. Increasingly, these fiber connections are making their way directly into peoples’ homes, providing them with fast, reliable internet. But, only 43% of U.S. households have access to a fiber internet connection. Learn More

LED Lights Could Contribute To Massive Carbon Reductions

Ian Morse | 07/05/2023

The world has been shifting away from wasteful incandescent and harmful fluorescent lights and increasingly adopting light-emitting diode (LED) technology, which promises to reduce carbon emissions. Learn More

Yamaha Introduces Easy To Integrate Sound Masking And Speech Privacy System

AudioXpress Staff | 06/01/2023

Leveraging Yamaha's research and expertise in audio systems for corporate environments, with extensive practical testing in Japan, Yamaha introduced the new VSP-2 Speech Privacy System. Learn More

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