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Sending 1.84 Petabits Of Data Per Second Via A Fiber-optic Cable Over A Distance Of 7.9 Km

Who Can Bend Light For Cheaper Internet?



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The Role Of Fiber Optic Cables In Computer Networking

Bradley Mitchell | 06/05/2019

Compared to wired cables, fiber optic cables provide higher bandwidth and can transmit data over longer distances. Fiber optic cables support much of the world's internet, cable television, and telephone systems. Learn More

It’s The Era Of The Internet Of Things (IoT): Valerie Maguire

Apnnews | 05/22/2019

Mumbai : Siemon India, an arm of The Siemon Company, a US headquartered leading global network infrastructure specialist has conducted seminars in Bangalore and New Delhi recently to throw light on latest updates In ICT Industry in the world. Learn More

5 Reasons Businesses Should Switch To LED Lights

Drew Hendricks | 04/11/2019

Being energy-efficient and environmentally conscious has progressed from simply being a good idea to a way of life – not just for the Toyota Prius crowd, but for businesses looking to cut their overhead expenditures by reducing their carbon footprint (and additionally appealing to a more green savvy clientele). One way companies can be on the cutting edge of corporate concern for their energy expenditure is by switching to LED lights. Learn More

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