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Global Fiber Optics Market 2019-2023

Technavio | 01/21/2019

The development of next-generation telecommunication standards will be one of the major trends in the global fiber optics market during 2019-2023. Next-generation telecommunication standards such as 4G and 5G technologies can be accessed through wireless technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Wi-Fi, ZigBee, and Z-wave. These networks provide wireless connections that are equivalent to broadband connections, thereby increasing the number of users who can access the Internet from anywhere. Learn More

Four Ways An Adaptive Approach Can Overcome Network Challenges

CIENA | 01/16/2019

High-profile live events can create a perfect storm for network providers. Any dip in performance can mean the difference between winning and missing out. Learn More

Meet Serge Leblanc, President Of Jade Communications

Jade Communications Staff | 12/19/2018

With continuous advancements in technology, having a building without state-of-the-art infrastructure, equipment and systems set-up and running really make no sense. Cabling, lighting and internet services are pretty much the brain and heart of the building much like Serge Leblanc, President of Jade Communications is to his company. Read more about this French Canadian born and raised in Montreal, a leader who flew South for the warm weather after graduating high school many moons ago. Also, learn how he grew a single interest into a long standing, quality service business that Jade Communications is today. Learn More

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