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Palm Beach County

JCI holds a five-year contract with Palm Beach County Florida.This contract is for cabling distribution systems for new buildings, building renovations, inter-building, intra-building, outside plant as well as moves, adds, and changes to existing systems.Below are some of many projects we have in progress with Palm Beach County as of 10/10/2008:

1. Fire/Rescue Training (Approximately 1000 Cables)
2. Airport Hilton Center Renovation (Approximately 1000 Cables)
3. Lawrence Rd. Library (Approximately 500 Cables)
4. Pleasant City Elementary Outside antenna
5. Tax Collector - N. County Courthouse (16 Cables) 
6. Water Utilities - Pinehurst Dr., WPB (25 Outlets)
7. High ridge - Extend D-marc
8. Ch20 at Vista Office Building (5 Outlets)
9. W. Boynton Park (15 Outlets)