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The Best Cat 6 Ethernet Cable To Bump Up Your Network Speed [Top 9 List]

Sophia Chartrand | 10/01/2021

The Best Cat 6 Ethernet Cable To Bump Up Your Network Speed [Top 9 List]


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Published on April 6, 2021


If you are an individual in person, technology, or in a position where you are in need of different networks, a cat 6 ethernet cable is an ideal cable to have with you in handy. 


The Cat 6 cable is a standardized Ethernet and other network layer twisted pair cable which will be backward compatible with the Category 5/5e and Category 3 cable standards. As for performance, the cable standard specifies a range of up to 250 MHz, compared to 100 MHz for Cat 5 and Cat 5e. A Cat6 cable is mostly used to transfer data at speeds above one gigabit per second (Mbps), so as not to drastically slow down the data transmission speed (DTR).


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  • White Cat 6 Ethernet Cable
  • Amazon’s Choice Cat6 Ethernet Cable
  • Fast Insulated Cat. Cat6 Ethernet Cable



Key Considerations Before Purchasing Cat 6 Ethernet Cables


What is the difference between a Cat5 and a Cat6 cable?


There is an important distinction between cat5 and cat6 cables, with a difference in reduced crosstalk and more speed in data transfer and connection. However, each cat5 and cat6 cable has the same end cap, which is the plug that connects the cable to its destination.


What is the difference between a Cat6 and a Cat7 cable?


The key difference between Cat6 and Cat7 is the speed and frequency. A Cat7 cable can transfer data at a maximum speed of 10.000 Mbit/s while a Cat6 cable can handle a maximum speed of 850 Mbit/s.


How do I know if my ethernet cable is a Cat6?


Look at the printing on the jacket of the cable to tell if your home has CAT6 Ethernet cabling. Every Ethernet cable is labeled with the category with which it is designed to work. Oftentimes, it is hidden inside the wall.


Wireless technology is convenient but limited. Even with a guaranteed internet connection, your internet speed is only as fast as the weakest link. Our criteria for finding the best cat 6 ethernet cables include cables that hold an incredibly high speed, as well as products that are either highly rated with mainly five stars or listed under editor recommendations. 


The 10 Best Cat 6 Ethernet Cables of 2021


White Cat 6 Ethernet Cable


This is an example of your basic average cat 6 ethernet cable. These cables have excellent transmission performance and low signal losses. Cat6 cables are all made from 100% bare copper wire compared to copper clad aluminum (CCA) wire, making them fully compliant with UL Code 444, which requires pure copper wire in communications cables for communications. In the data center network around the world, these Cat6 patch cables and bulk cables are used very commonly.



Very good for routing

Price is worth its value

Provides a perfect length

It is insanely fragile (good/bad)



One customer reports that it came in plastic and that it cracked within minutes


Amazon’s Choice Cat6 Ethernet Cable


The Cat 6 internet cable 6 feet undergo rigorous testing so as to ensure a secure wired connection with speed and reliability similar to those offered by cable internet, however, the speeds may be slower than those offered by cable internet. With highly optimized components, high-quality Cat6 Ethernet patch cables have very low return loss and great uniform impedance, providing higher signal-to-noise ratios with improved crosstalk and signal-to-noise ratios. In addition, they offer support for frequencies up to 500 MHz and are capable of facilitating high-speed 10GBASE-T Internet access from your PC, printer, switch box, router, and other LAN devices while still remaining backward compatible with your existing infrastructure. Each twisted pair of the 6 feet Cat 6 patch cable is separated by a PE cross insulation shield to isolate pairs and prevent cross-talk and then covered by a 5.8mm PVC jacket with RJ45 connectors and gold-plated contacts. Molded strain relief boots can be used to prevent snagging that can damage your cables. The boots are durable and flexible. They are often used with cables that are commonly damaged by mechanical wear and tear.



Price is worth its value

Provides good quality control 

Provides a high performance 

Provides excellent customer support when needed 




One customer reports that the cable was smaller than advertised 


Fast Insulated Cat. Cat6 Ethernet Cable


Oftentimes it seems that all 1000ft Cat 6 cables are created equal. However, most engineers agree that the small, practical details make the difference, like rolling them out smoothly with no snags, having plastic cores for durability, and of course, working as promised. This solid cable’s tensile strength and conductivity, as well as ability to transmit data at greater speed, makes it suitable for heavy traffic networks and gaming ethernet cables. The four twisted pairs with a PVC Cross Separator provide a solid, dependable connection. This cross flexi-core cable will not bend or break. FastReel makes it easy to unwind electronic cable – so it can be used immediately. This wire is 10 Gigabit Ethernet Cable. It can exceed speeds of 550MAH, and even an ordinary Cat6 cable cannot match it. The box also performs superbly!



Excellent performance

Price is worth its value

It is certified and traceable

Provides a reduced crosstalk 

It is a 100% certified solid bare copper conductor



One customer reports that it’s a little hard to feed the connectors 


Cable Matters Snagless Cat6 Ethernet Cable


This high-performance Ethernet cable is Cat6 rated; The port cables with 24 AWG copper wire are applied to PCs, desktop computers, routers, switches, network media players, VoIP telephones, PoE devices, and other Ethernet-enabled devices. With Cat6 performance at a Cat5e price, but with higher bandwidth, you can manage your data center in the future with 10GW Ethernet. These connectors have gold-plated contacts that resist corrosion. The molded strain-relief boots and snagless molds ensure durability and the cable connection is secure. Copper Ethernet cables provide enhanced cable performance and conform to standards for communications cables. This high bandwidth RJ45 cable guarantees fast data transfer for high-performance server and cloud applications, video surveillance, and online high-definition video streaming.



Price is worth its value

Provides a good speed

Provides excellent customer service when needed 



One customer reports that the video transmission isn’t the best


Dripstone 600004 Cat6 Ethernet Cable


This specific cat 6 ethernet cable is designed for data, voice, and video distribution, with four pairs of unshielded twisted-pair copper-clad aluminum cable to maintain high wire gauge and conductor density. Each pair’s twists are subtly different, making sure interconnected signal integrity.



It is flexible

Provides a long run

Price is worth its value

No issues with installation



One customer reports that it is difficult to terminate


Monoprice Flexboot Cat6 Ethernet Patch Cable


Installing Ethernet cables can be time-consuming and complicated if you don’t use Monoprice’s Cat6 UTP Ethernet Network Cables that come in fixed lengths! The FLEXboot cable series is constructed with a thinner outer shell that protects the plug retaining clip, which makes it easier to remove. Copper-clad aluminum (CCA) cables are not used in Monoprice Ethernet cables. They are made of 100% pure bare copper wire.



It is very compact

Provides very fast shipping

Works great for desks and schools



One customer reports that the cable stopped working after two months


High-Speed LAN Network Cat 6 Ethernet Cable


This Cat-6 highly tapered, 8-wire, 24 AWG cable is designed to withstand rigorous research and testing, resulting in greater bandwidths and a no-loss return providing lower crosstalk and a higher signal-to-noise ratio. Tested, 100% safe for maximum speed and transfer, this cable offers high bandwidth 550 MHZ CAT6 ethernet cables at speeds up to 10 Gbps which is ideal for high-speed, high-density video streaming, cloud storage, and other applications. These blue copper patch cables are available with gold plated plugs or with bare copper wire. A Maximum cable is well constructed with a pure copper core, aluminum foil shield, woven mesh shield, and PVC outer cover, and two gold-plated rj45 connectors. Furthermore, the results are a high-quality, flexible, and durable cable.



Provides a high performance

Provides ultimate speed & security

Comes in high quality 100% copper



One customer reports that the cable came in braided and tangled up


Comtelek Flat Cat6 Ethernet Cable


With this specific cable, you get Cat6 speed for a Cat 5 price! It is 20 times the bandwidth, but at a much lower price with10 times the storage capacity and it is compatible with any existing Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet. This high bandwidth Cat6 cable, which provides up to 250 MHz ensures high-speed data transfer for server applications, cloud storage, high definition video streaming, and online gaming. As thin as 0.06 inches, it can be deployed in almost all parts of the room, saving space and maintaining a neat appearance. The cable is made of 100% pure copper wire with NGA 50 micron gold-plated plugs. The PVC protection provides durability and a secure connection. The bare copper conductors increase cable performance and allow it to comply with UL444 standards for communication cables.



Provides a high speed

Comes in a flat cable design

Made out of high quality materials 



One customer reports that the cable was only capable of 100mbps


Monoprice 113256 Zeroboot Cat6 Ethernet Patch Cable


By using Monoprice’s UTP Cat6 Ethernet Network Cables you can avoid the time and hassle of building your own cable! IT and data center professionals will prefer the ZEROboot line of cable connectors, which doesn’t wear protective covers that hold the connector connector in place, allowing for faster and easier cable connections.



Perfect for gaming

Price is worth its value

The cable is short (good/bad)



The cable is short (good/bad)



Buyer’s FAQ for Cat 6 Ethernet Cables

Is there a specific Cat 6 Ethernet Cable that is good for gaming? 


If you want to play at your own pace, Jadaol is an excellent wire. You can connect your computer to the network using either the CAT-6 or even a Cat-7 cable. Jadaol is an excellent Ethernet cable for those who want to game without any problem. These cables are best for building an ultra-fast gaming network at your home.


Does a shorter ethernet cable work faster?


All practical purposes, there will be no noticeable slow down in your connection. The distance from the modem to your device will never exceed 300 feet, so any delay caused by the cable length will be negligible.


Does an ethernet cable affect WiFi?


It is correct to say that using an Ethernet cable instead of WiFi will not slow down the rest of the devices connected to your home network. Although it will increase the speed of the web connection of the device connected, it should not affect your wifi network.


Should I turn the WiFi off when using an ethernet cable?


When using Ethernet, Wi-Fi does not need to be turned off, but disabling it will prevent data sent over Wi-Fi instead of Ethernet from being accidentally sent over the network. Disabling Wi-Fi can also provide more security since there will be fewer routes at the device.


Do I have to use a router to use Ethernet or can I just plug the cable straight into the modem?


It is not necessary to have a router if you only want to connect directly to the cable modem. A simplest connection is a switch that lets you plug the modem into it and then connect multiple wired computers (ethernet cable).


We hope that you found the best cat 6 ethernet cable to supply your network needs. When it comes to ethernet cables, it can be a little confusing to learn all of their specific jobs and what they are each capable of. However, whether you are using a Cat-5, Cat-6, Cat-7, and so forth, they all share the same purpose of securing a faster and better network. 


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