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Yamaha Introduces Easy To Integrate Sound Masking and Speech Privacy System

audioXpress Staff | 06/01/2023

Leveraging Yamaha's research and expertise in audio systems for corporate environments, with extensive practical testing in Japan, Yamaha introduced the new VSP-2 Speech Privacy System. This ready to deploy system, supports productive and confidential conferences and meetings in the office with a compact, high-performance, and customizable solution that comfortably masks conversation and can be easily integrated into existing facilities.


The new Yamaha VSP-2 Speech Privacy System was designed to be quickly retrofitted in almost any office. The system features unique technology from Yamaha that the company says prevents speech privacy problems by effectively reducing human voice intelligibility with customizable sound options. It can also be deployed as a sound masking solution, creating an office environment where people can concentrate on their work. 


As Yamaha explains, corporations are increasingly concerned about information leakage in the office environment, and want to prevent sensitive business and personnel information from being overheard. With conferencing and meeting rooms being adopted more and more in the corporate environment - situations where participants tend to speak louder than they would in a normal person-to-person interaction - conversations can be easily overheard. With open office environments this also means that conversation levels can distract nearby workers.


In its innovation center in Japan, Yamaha has been researching sound masking solutions and gradually created a range of solutions that go beyond the traditional approaches and can be fully integrated with existing communication, presentation, and conferencing systems. The Yamaha speech privacy system employs original “information masking sounds” such as sonic elements from ocean waves and the forest that have been tested and found to be effective, while keeping the volume 40% lower than other systems that utilize white noise. System components for the new VSP-2 Speech Privacy System include the VSP-CU2 control unit with user-selectable sound types and volume levels, supporting two, four, or eight VSP-SP2 speakers.


"As more meetings shift from closed to open spaces, maintaining the confidentiality of the information shared during those meetings has become a must," says Holger Stoltze, senior director of technical sales and marketing at Yamaha Unified Communications. "However, sound masking systems have historically introduced noise into the area that's distracting for everyone — contributing to the prevalence of audio fatigue — and involved lengthy installations that have to go in during construction or require opening walls and ceilings. The VSP-2 leverages Yamaha's decades of engineering expertise to produce masking audio with 65% better performance at much lower sound levels for an environment that's comfortable, private, and can be installed without hours spent working behind walls and in the plenum."


Yamaha's VSP-2 Speech Privacy System prevents information leakage and avoids high concentration of sound masking audio to create an environment that's easy to converse in almost any office meeting space. The system can be installed around huddle spaces, open conversation areas, and in front of and between small to medium rooms. 


The unique system layers in three key features for optimal sound masking: high-performance Info-Masking technology developed to cover the human voice in unwanted areas with a sound level that's 8 dB less than conventional systems, environmental audio with four types of sound that is mixed to the speech sound masker, as well as four types of sound effect audio that are added to unobtrusively distract others from unwanted conversation. 


From the control unit, users can power the system on and off, select their preferred sound effect audio (guitar, piano, music box, and digital device) and environmental sound (forest, brook, urban clatter, and air conditioner), and set the performance and volume level for a personalized room environment.


The discreet and lightweight speakers are simple to mount to the ceiling or wall with the included mounting hardware and speaker cable (non-plenum rated). Furthering the ease of installation and setup, the back of the control unit features a speaker switch (2, 4, or 8) and four EQ options based on the configuration of the speakers.


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